Switzerland Removals

Your specialist for moving between Germany and Swiss.

As a moving specialist at Lake of Constance we offer our customers from Switzerland and areas close to the border a special service range according to your needs. Because especially moving across a border requires a detailed preparation. We take over this workload for you.


Beginning with our packing service and craftsmen services up until custom clearance or your goods till setting up at your new home. With our experience you can look forward to a stress free moving and cross border transportation.

At customs control details matter. In order to protect you from unpleasant surprises, we take over all important tasks for you. We prepare paperwork for tax free custom clearance for your belongings and fill out all necessary documents such as the German custom's export sheets. The vehicle we load is exactly chosen according to your moving volume and weight in order to ensure moving your belongings across borders without any problem.

With our large storage facility on site we can also offer to store your belongings temporarily if any delays occur and later transport your goods to your new residence.

Of course we can provide you an overview on what's ahead of you in terms of custom clearance.

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