FAQs - Questions and answers

The first contact should be 8 weeks ahead of your designated moving date. This keeps up the chances that your designed date is still available and that the moving company can make all necessary plans with you together.

Volume to be moved, distances, building floors, elevator, needed packaging material are relevant information for the moving company. Furthermore it has to be taken into consideration if there are suitable stopping areas and if you require assembly and packaging services. In order to provide you with a suitable offer an onsite inspection visit is the best way.
As an alternative you can fill out an online questionnaire or to fill out a moving list which you can forward to the moving company.

Besides the cost factor it is important that you feel comfortable with the moving company. If you haven't had any company recommended by family or friends keep looking around and directly ask people around you whom they arranged their last moving with.

If you cannot rely on recommendations you can refer to the qualification of the federal moving company association (AMÖ) e.V. and if the moving company is certified by it. This certification is a sign for trust and professional work of moving companies. The company has been officially confirmed to fulfill all law given entry qualifications, works according to professional standards and is trustworthy.

The better your preparation the more time you have to relax during the moving procedure. There is no rule of thumb.

At least 2 weeks ahead of the moving you should Astro with things from your closets you don't need that often. In order to not interrupt with your daily life you should start packing important things not earlier than the last day before moving. The better the preparation the more time you have on moving day. There is no specific rule of thumb. However those shouldn't sum up to more than 15 cartons.

From your moving company you can hire quality cartons or simply buy them. Please do not save money on cartons as the cartons are the most important protection for your belongings during transportation. Especially on the bottom area they should be extra strong to be stackable during transportation.

We deliver the right packaging material to you in sufficient amount and size. In case you do not need all of the material we will be happy to take it back on the day of moving.

We advise to never pack the cartons completely full. No carton should be heavier as 25kg.

Load heavy items on the bottom and light things on top. Moving cartons with porcelain and dishes need to be protected carefully. Best suitable is a packaging paper, old newspaper can be critical as the ink can leave marks.

Heavy goods such as books, glassware, files and folders belong into a book carton. These differ from standard cartons in their strength, stability and size. When you pack them please consider that they have to be carried later and that they shouldn't exceed 25kg.

For your clothes, especially hanging clothes such as shirts, dresses, jackets and blouses we recommend special boxes for clothes. Simple hanging mechanism guarantees easy handling and a comfortable moving.

Every other item in you closets you can stow in the standard cartons.

At the road traffic authority you can receive temporary permits to set up no parking areas. The respective signs are being provided by the moving company or the authority. Please consider the timely set up.

We will be happy to also support you with that, kindly give us the order here for at least 5 days before the moving. In case you live downtown at least 14 days.

However the packing company is also liable. Certain valuable, animals, plants or electronic devices are not insured in general, even if the moving company handles the move. Insured value is the current value of the good with an adequate deduction according to age and level of usage. However not higher than 620 EUR per cubic meter.

A disclaimer of liability for the moving company occurs when the damage is caused by an unpretentious incident. Incidents such as ice or damages caused by third parties whom cannot be identified.

Who also wants to secure himself from such incidents should get a respective moving transpiration insurance. This endurance can be inquired either for the value when new or the time value. The cost for such insurance is depending on the individual requirements of the moving person. An initial consultation can be done by the moving company which can also buy the insurance plan for its customers.

Occurring damages during the moving needs to be documented first. Herewith it is to be advised to document special valuables (such as bulky furniture) and their condition before the moving for example with pictures. Whoever wants to claim damage with his moving company needs to keep the law given time limits. If possible damages should be claimed directly on the day of moving and documented. Clearly visible damages need to be claimed in written form latest one day after the moving. Non visible damages need to be claimed at least 14 days after the moving day. Generally it is obligated that damages need to be claimed in written form.

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