Moving climate-neutrally

With a climate-neutral move, you actively contribute to climate protection
Engage in voluntary climate protection and take the chance.

From now on, we offer all our customers the opportunity to make a contribution to climate protection, for we run removals in a climate-neutral way. In cooperation with the climate protectors of natureOffice we are able to calculate the CO2 emissions of your individual removal. These emissions will be than balanced out with the support of regional climate protection projects. Among other things, you support forestry work and forest conservation in a German region of your choice.

We are aware of the fact that the transport and logistics industry is a major cause of climate-damaging CO2 in Germany. We are now proceeding with our commitment, set a good example and like to invite our customers to be actively involved in our climate protection efforts.

A small extra charge for you - a big impact on the environment!

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Growth through climate protection When it comes to compensating for voluntary climate protection, the quality of the climate protection certificates used is of primary importance. natureOffice exclusively uses climate protection projects with the Gold Standard. This label stands for strictly tested co-benefit and sustainability of the projects.

A short
calculation example

1 truck 7,5 t, 100 Km distance, 43 m3 volume, 1 driver, 2 removal men, 25 Km access route.

Just 10, - € will make your removal with a Germany plus project climate- neutral.

How does it work?

  • The contribution depends on your removal volume and the removal distance.
  • Confirm your voluntary climate protection contribution on our individual removal offer
  • When invoicing, we submit your data on the contribution to climate protection to natureOffice
  • From natureOffice you will receive your certificate with a tracking number
  • Congratulations, you have moved climate neutral
"Moving climate-neutrally as flyer

Germany plus projects

Protection and preservation of German forests in six regions.

Their biodiversity is invaluable. Forest gives us drinking water and air to breathe, protection against flooding, rock fall and avalanches. In the forest we find peace, rest and relaxation