Furniture storage with Moving company Möbelspedition Maier

Whether big or small, everything fits in!

The furniture storage is a good solution to store your furniture temporarily or long term. Your household is in safe hands.

You are welcome to bring in or pick up your household on your own, or you use our professionals stuff for picking it up and packing it space-saving. Disassembly and assembly works are also available upon request.


For the small budget we store your furniture in special wooden containers. The furniture storage for the entire household of a family is also not a problem, thanks to our swap bodies. The innovative vehicle technology of our trucks is loaded locally and is completely driven in our warehouse. This technology and the know-how of our team ensures that even larger volumes are stored in a most secure way.

Sometimes it is not possible to cover the complete furniture during the renovation, In need of space, store your furniture in our warehouse- “ outsourcing of your inventory”

.. Are the rooms ready, then it goes back into your new home.

You want to have supplied your belongings most cost effective between moving out from you old apartment and moving in to your new home? We are happy to store your household for this transitional period with us.

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