Furniture lift rental


Rent a furniture lift is easy!

We deliver our furniture lift to your place and install it professionally. Following is a brief instruction in the operation / function / safety instructions of the lift and off you go.

After phone call consultation the lift is removed by us again. If necessary, it will be replaced and reinstalled at your new home as well.

Of course you can book also our well trained operator / removals staff with us. You have the choice! You have the choice of renting our lifts by hour or by day rate. You are not sure whether a lift can be installed at your place?

For a flat rate of 39,00 € (incl. drive, incl. 19% VAT., within Ueberlingen, beyond that- on request) we offer you our "lift-check". The lift-check provides clarity about a planned lift position, as we personally check the on-site conditions of your old and new home.