Disposal, clearing out, household clearance

Disposal, clearing out, household clearance

There are many different situations in life in which one has to vacate a flat, an apartment or a complete house promptly. This may be caused by a removal, reduction of space in your new home, nomadic renting, or by death of the owner. Or you just want to get rid of “contaminated sites” again…we gladly support you in all projects you are about to go through. From individual pieces of furniture, complete rooms, dispose of cellars, attics or even the contents of you entire houses. We assist you with professional care and the necessary equipment.


We sort, separate environmentally and economically, clean, disassemble, dispose, and if necessary, we will renovate and clean the premises for you.

Our service extends to the swept-clean/well-swept state apartment transfer to the lessor. We are your competent and reliable partner for the final cleaning and the professional disposal of abandoned property.

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