Business relocations & Projects

Relocating business and office - Reducing downtime to a minimum!

Every successful business relocation requires special demands and individual solutions. Moving company Maier relies on a long lasting experience and competence in planning, consulting and carrying out of business relocations.


We support you to handle the project professionally throughout. During the planning phase we work closely with your project leader. We support you withall tasks including catalogue and photograph your inventory as well as applying for special approvals and insuring your goods adequately.

If necessary we can also offer moving an overnight or at weekends
- as time is money and your daily operations should not be interfered with. Furthermore downtimes should be as small as possible to ensure operations of running businesses. Considering that the relocation takes place withinthe same building or within the same city your employees can leave their workplace at night and start working in new premises just the next morning.

We would be delighted to share our year long experience to keep your downtime to a minimum. A well carried out planning and perfect flow of informationcreates security and a stress free procedure for your business and employees.

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