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Briefly about us

With one man and one car, the company has been founded in 1983 by its owner Dieter Maier. Due to the great demand new premises in Ueberlingen could be set up after just seven years, in order to welcome customers on own site. Creating new opportunities by combining furniture moving services with temporary storage made it possible to cope with customer's needs individually.

1992 our second branch in Friedrichshafen on Lake of Constance started operations, enlarging market shares and offering our customers yet another contact point for consultation.

Today after 30 years in the market of private, company and project moving with a total of 19 employees the operations have been further improved also through innovative vehicle technic and storage in swap bodies

The competitiveness and know-how of our family owned company is known for high quality standards along the market.

Ensuring future operations of moving company Maier, in 2015 and after long-term planning the company has been taken over by the son Dennis Maier.

Our history

Our branch is moving

Our branch in Friedrichshafen has moved with bags and packs and now offers storage facilities, the sale of moving materials and, of course, comprehensive on-site support in Rohrbach 13 in 88045 Friedrichshafen. We look forward to opening the doors!

Growth despite pandemic!

A very special, not easy year, for all tradesmen as well as for all of us privately. Nevertheless, the Möbelspedition Maier e.K. is still constantly on a course of growth. Our team has made a big leap and has grown to 27 employees by now. Also the new generation does not come with us too briefly: at present we have the privilege to be allowed to train two colleagues as specialists for kitchen, furniture and removal service.

With full power ahead!

After a successful business year 2017, we can welcome our customers to a newly renovated depot. It is noticeable that the vehicle fleet has been supplemented by two EURO-6 vehicles with modified vehicle advertising in order to continue to be able to offer environmentally friendly, ecological and easily recognizable removals in local and long-distance traffic. We also proudly welcome another young man in the "office" team.

Modern technology

For the steadily growing implementation in the national moving area, the fleet has been supplemented by a modern and reliable Euro-6 long-distance truck. In addition, as strong and speedy support, a quiet and powerful furniture lift, which aims high, is now available to our employees and customers.

The succession within the family owned business

After yearlong preparations and planning the family owned company has been taken over by the son Dennis Maier. Mr. Dieter Maier is happily looking forward to new and quieter challenges in the sales of well-kept furniture.

30th anniversary

30 years of moving company Maier. The constant growth leaves nothing but expanding. Meanwhile 19 employees build the backbone of the company Maier. We thank our customers, our suppliers and employees for your trust in us and the cordial cooperation.


Our branch in Friedrichshafen relocates into new and larger office premises, ensuring a larger stock in packaging material on site.

Storage in swap bodies

Invest in swap bodies and respective vehicles to adapt to modern and economical demands on storing. Modern vehicles and 15 employees, whom we are very proud of.


Meanwhile our staff is counting 10 permanent employees and 3 trucks. International relocations from and to Lake of Constance are a fixed factor in our operations.

Opening Friedrichshafen

Due to great demand our second branch in Friedrichshafen at Lake of Constance is being brought in operations. Customer service, on-site showing and packaging material can be provided from here.


The todays headquarter location in Ueberlingen is being built including a large storage hall. 5 employees find their new tasks and meet raising demands for moving and storage.


The founder, Dieter Maier, starts operations with a truck and one employee. Second hand furniture is being exported to needy countries. Furniture removal operations start parallel.

Our philosophy

“Moving is a matter of trust!”

Right from the beginning our family owned company is aware of the fact that every moving is a big change for our customers and that our services come with an intervention into your privacy. Therefore your trust in us is our highest good and we impart those values to every employee.

Friendly, competent, reliable, supportive and discrete we would like to accompany you right from the first contact up until your moving in. Only with a detailed and personalized planning we can offer the ideal service package to you. As a matter of course this is being lived every day.

"Well trained, diligent and loyal employees are the base of our success"

Through long lasting business experience and trainings in a regular matter our employees are the figurehead of our company. Diligent, reliable and with constant quality our team moves mountains of boxes and furniture. On your big day our craftsmen stand by your side to manage your moving together with you fast and pleasant.

Good quality reduces costs, bad quality however raises costs. More and more of our customers gain this knowledge through media and make them value our services. The self-evident quality starts for us already with a tentative offer up until picking up the boxes.

After successfully completing the move we send out customer satisfaction surveys, which confirm that 95% of our customers would accept our services again.